During an acupuncture treatment very fine needles are inserted at specific points on the body. The effect of the needles can be enhanced with the use of small electrical charges or moxa  on the needles. Moxa or moxibustion involves lighting mugwort.

There are different forms of acupuncture including Five Element Acupuncture, Western Medical Acupuncture, Japanese Meridian Therapy, Korean Hand Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (TCM). TCM also includes dietary therapy, Tui na massage, Qi gong, cupping and herbal medicine

Many practitioners will use different elements of these styles to tailor the best treatment possible.

At the initial consultation a full medical and lifestyle history will be taken, including details that you may feel are not linked to your current condition.

At each appointment your tongue and pulse will be examined to give a better understanding of internal disharmonies as seen in Chinese Medicine,this allows for an individual treatment to be designed.

Please bring a list of any current medications.

 At all times respect and dignity of the patient is a priority, a lot of the points used are on the legs and arms but sometimes it is necessary to needle your back or stomach. Patients may wish to wear  shorts but towels are available to cover up.

You are welcome to bring somebody with you to appointments and they can wait in the waiting area.