Welcome to Brierley Therapies an acupuncture clinic based in Jacksdale on the Nottinghamshire - Derbyshire border.

15 minutes from Ikea, Nottingham

10 minutes from junction 27, M1.

10 minutes from the A38.


 Brierley Therapies also offers a satelite clinic within Physio Direct, Beeston, opposite Sainsburys.

See 'Meet the acupuncturist' and 'Contact' pages for more details.



People turn to acupuncture to help with a specific condition or symptom. Others use acupuncture to help maintain good health and a sense of well being.

Acupuncture is used widely throughout the world and in the UK ever increasing numbers of people are discovering what acupuncture can do for them as people want to take responsibility for their own health.


To make an appointment all the details are on the contact page.

Information on prices and offers please see the 'A visit to the Acupuncturist' page



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